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 詐欺電子メールNigerian Letterの新しい亜種が発見された。詐欺は、Moses Williamsという名の男性を助けると、この男性が得ようとしている収益の一部がもらえるというものであり、ユーザーから金銭を騙し取るように設計されている。電子メール詐欺の完全なテキストは次の通り。

I Need Your Help

my Dear

My name is Moses Williams , I am 19yrs old and a student.
Please I would like you to assist me as urgent as you can before they kill me. My father is a wealthy cocoa merchant,.Trouble began early last year when my father's associates began suspecting that my father is not giving proper accounts of all the tons of cocoa being cultivated by local farmers in some villages .
This mistrust deepens between oct-sept, 2000 when they discovered a very big some of money my father deposited with a security company here in ABIDJAN. As a result of this discovery and the enviness of the money ,he was poisioned by his associates.
At his hosepital bed ,he revealed to me the reasons of his sickness.He directed me where to get the documents of the said deposit.,and that he made me the next of kin being the only child.He advise me that if he dies ,that I should not stay in this country because his associates will equally kill me ──hence my mother died five yrs ago of breast cancer.
He directed me if he dies that I should look for a foreign partner who will help me to transfer the money into the person's account and the person will help me to invest the money in that country.
My father finally died on 5th ofjune and since then I was out of school and went into hiding beco's of my father's associates.
All the relevant documents of the 15 million Usd that was deposited in a security company are with me now .
I will give you 25% of this money ,if you can help me to transfer this money into your account for onward investment in your country.
Please contact me immediately with my E mail address or telephone number and include your telephone number and your Fax number to enable me send you all necessary documents as regards the money before they kill me .It is risk-free

I'm waiting for your urgent reply.
Best regards
Moses Williams
Tel;225 07 83 35 97

 I need your help hoax、Moses Williams hoax、
 Nigerian Letter scam variant

・ VirusHoaxBusters Yahoo Group
( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/virushoaxbusters/ ), April 15, 2002

 (iDEFENSE 米国) これは、世界中で多くのユーザーをだましたNigerian Letter詐欺の明らかな亜種である(ID# 108432, April 2, 2002; ID# 108582, April 10, 2002)。このような誘いの電子メールや金銭をねだる勧誘は絶対に信じてはならない。騙し取られた金銭が戻ることはなく、詐欺を行う者はより大きな返金をえさにより多額の金銭をねだる理由を考え出してくる。幸い、警察当局がこのような詐欺の取り締まりを開始し、可能な場合は告発に至っている(ID# 108201, March 21, 2002)。

 ( http://www.idefense.co.jp/ )より提供いただいております。
  アイディフェンス社の iAlert サービスについて
 【14:41 GMT、04、17、2002】

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